Top 5 accidents abroad

author image - oliviah

By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Thursday 12 April 2018


Holidays are a time to switch off, find some peace and quiet and get away from it all – not to spend the whole time puking over the hotel sink or watching the beautiful breaking waves from the hospital window.

Here are the top five most common accidents abroad so you can be mindful, and some of the worst cases, so you can consider travel insurance!

So in no particular order;

Food Poisoning

Bacteria, they thrive in the heat and humidity far better than any British tourist. Coupled with unfamiliar water to our sensitive tummies, many of us suffer from a bout of the dreaded food poisoning whilst abroad (not ideal in a white Gucci bikini) 


Road Accidents

Driving on the left definitely feels right, until you go abroad and then the right feels wrong and accidents happen. Not all countries drive on the right but it’s definitely a factor that adds to foreign driving confusion, and ultimately more accidents. This coupled with a foreign speaking Sat Nav screaming at you to “Giro de vuelta”, ultimately leads to more accidents.


Falling, tripping over or slipping

A.K.A slips, trips, and falls.  Documenting your every step on your phone after guzzling eight margaritas at lunchtime isn’t something you would normally do back home – but two hours on an airplane and BAM - its hand me that Nikon, I’m off to capture the next cover of National Geographic with a blood: alcohol ratio of 1:186. No wonder this makes the top five for most common injuries abroad.


Sunburn and sunstroke

Summer in Britain is amazing, instead of cold rain we get warm rain. Stepping off the plane into that wall of hot air and direct sunshine is like letting a kid run loose in a sweet shop but unfortunately, the only outcome is going to be a diabetic coma. As with most of us flocking abroad, the only outcome from our gratitude for the sun will be painful regret.



Middle-aged dads beware – those water skis may look like your next opportunity to cut elegantly through the water with your beer in one hand and your dignity in the other, like Jason Statham or Daniel Craig – but they could put you in the emergency room faster than you can say shaken not stirred.



Now for some of the worst holiday injuries to settle your pre-flight nerves;


One intrepid traveler experienced a slight detour whilst traveling on a bus from Udaipur to Jodhpur. An hour into the journey the bus driver slammed on the brakes causing the bus full of passengers to plummet off the highway. The glass in the bus shattered and caused minor scratches to the backpacker, but amazingly, those were the only injuries he received.

A shower of glass

One lady, whilst taking a shower in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, had to fend off more than just soap suds in her eyes. Just as she was finishing her shower, the glass door of the cubicle shattered causing five major lacerations that needed twenty-two stitches all over her hands and arms.

Off-piste (and vice versa)

On the very first day of her annual ski trip with her husband, our seasoned skier hit disaster. Skiing round a turn whilst overtaking a woman, her leg suddenly jarred into a hidden sinkhole. The combination of the sudden halt in speed with the thrust for turning round the bend caused our unlucky skier's tibia to fracture under the pressure. Not only that but later x –rays revealed breaks in the foot as well – ouch.

Another one bites the dust

Yet another pair of travelers have fallen victim to the hellishly hard roads to motorbike on in Thailand. This pair, however, bit the dust quite spectacularly as they rounded a bend. Laughing and joking with the wind in their hair, neither of them noticed the crash barrier – until the crashed into it. The impact of the bikes on the sharp top edge of the barrier left both their left legs deeply lacerated. The made into the nearest hospital but there was a lot of blood loss between them both.