Celebrities speak out about suffering with Tinnitus

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Monday 29 October 2018

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Susanna Reid speaks out about living with tinnitus

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ anchor wrote publically in a tweet last Monday about living with her Tinnitus. She said that it was comparable to the noise you would hear when TV programming would finish at the end of the day.

The Star Trek star believes he developed tinnitus after standing too close to a speaker sounding a special effects explosion. He speaks with moving affliction about his experience with tinnitus and champions the ATA or American Tinnitus Association in this video.

Chris Martin believes eating certain foods can help with tinnitus

In the video below Coldplay’s front man, Chris Martin doesn’t seem too bothered by his tinnitus, perhaps because he has a number of methods for dealing with the condition – which seem to be working.

Noel Gallagher doesn’t regret the lifestyle that gave him tinnitus

In an interview with Talksport, Gallagher told presenters that he had recently been for brain scans in order to establish the cause of a persistent ringing in his ears. Noel attributed the strange noise he kept hearing to playing the guitar loudly for twenty years. The presenters teased him saying it could probably be doing something else for twenty years to which Gallagher replied that it probably was but he didn’t regret any of it.

Gerard Butler had ear deforming surgery for his tinnitus

According to Gerard Butler in an interview with Mens Health magazine, he didn’t even know he had a deformed ear till they shaved his head for the filming of Tomb Raider. It was then that he discovered his right ear stuck out a lot more than the left. Gerard attributes the ear deformity to surgery he had as a child to try and ease a bout of tinnitus that he was suffering from.

There are many methods to help with tinnitus and many people claim that after so many years suffering with the condition, the largely learn to block it out.

People who can help with tinnitus 

The British Tinnitus Association offer some great tips, help and advice on dealing with tinnitus and the steps you can take to help relieve and prevent it.

If you believe the cause of your tinnitus may not have been your fault then you have a right to claim for compensation to help deal with the effects. Compensation for hearing loss and tinnitus can help with treatment, time off work and any other financial burdens the condition is causing.

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