Common Public Places Where Accidents Can Happen

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By Crispin Bateman

on Wednesday 22 May 2019

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When you think of an accident in a public place, what comes to mind? We did some work behind the scenes to find out the most common places where accidents can occur, with the hope that it might help make people more vigilant, particularly in terms of noticing not-so-noticeable hazards!

#5 – Restaurants and cafés

Coming in at number five are restaurants and cafés. Accidents where there are plates of hot food, glasses of drink and even boiling oil shouldn’t come as a surprise really, and there’s also the very small chance of food poisoning.

There is a whole list of health and safety regulations that restaurants must follow, and for good reasons! In all fairness, most of the restaurants and cafés out there do very well indeed to make sure they are a safe environment to be in, but accidents do happen.

#4 – Shopping centres

With wide open spaces and polished floors that can become slippery when wet, it’s no surprise that the most common type of accident – the slip, trip or fall – happens in busy shopping centres, with the number of incidents rising in the winter months. Hard floors and the desire to stop yourself from crashing also means that shopping centres are responsible for a significant number of bruised and even broken wrists. Ouch!

#3 – Car parks

Luckily, most car park incidents don’t involve cars. Like a shopping centre, only outside, car park floors can become hazardous in rainy weather. If you are carrying large shopping loads to your car, often both hands are taken up and you are off-balance too! Take care, but if you do suffer an accident due to a poorly maintained car park, but sure to call to start a no win no fee slip, trip or fall claim with us at Accident Line Direct.

#2 – Supermarkets

The British public spend an excessive amount of time in the local supermarket, with most adults finding themselves in one for more than an hour a week, over 1.5 trips statistically! Finding the time to go to the supermarket for half a trip a week is hard for most, but those statistics don’t lie.

It’s no surprise to learn then that plenty of accidents happen in the supermarket, which lead to an accident in a shop claims. Split items is a key factor, despite most supermarkets being incredibly quick to identify problems and clean them up. Keep an eye on those yellow boards and don’t fall foul to melted ice cream or spilt olive oil or you may be the next person calling to make a personal injury claim.

#1 – Pavements and roads

We all hate potholes, irregular paving slabs and missing chunks of kerbs, but spare a thought for the poor councils who are trying to keep on top of everything in terms of our roads! Problems with the pavements and roads are enough to put it at number one on our list, with most accident in public places claims in some way related to our public footpaths and roads.

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