Common Work-Related Injuries

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By Crispin Bateman

on Thursday 13 June 2019

Work should be a safe place. In fact, it’s the law that employers have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that the workplace is a safe place. Nonetheless, injuries happen.

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A look at workplace injury statistics in the UK

In 2017/18, (according to Labour Force Statistics) 555,000 injuries occurred at work. Over half a million!

1.4 million people suffered from a work-related illness.

And saddest of all, the health and safety executive workplace death statistics reports that 144 people were killed at work.

So what are the three most common workplace injuries and what can employers do to help stop them?

The most common workplace accidents #1 – slip, trip and fall

No matter where you work, there’s a chance that the floor can become wet or slippy, that an unseen hazard makes you trip, or that something else just happens and down you go.

Thankfully, most slips don’t result in any real injury, but enough do happen to make this the top cause of workplace accidents.

And if you are working in a particularly dangerous area, those injuries can be much worse – falls from height contribute greatly to the number of construction deaths in the UK.

How to avoid injuries: ensuring the environment is safe at the beginning of the day is a good start, but employers need to be vigilant, making sure a system is in place to quickly fix potential hazards and to train staff to ensure that no obstacles are left lying around.

The most common workplace accidents #2 – strains

Remember that first day at work when you were told to bend your knees and not your back to lift a box?

Straining muscles comes in at number two, but not just because of poor box-lifting techniques, also because of the dreaded pain of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Strain injuries, whether in your back or confined to the wrist, can be incredibly painful and are a very common industry injury.

How to avoid injuries: proper training and repeated observance of staff actions can make sure that the proper procedures are used when lifting or moving heavy objects, while appropriate equipment and well-adjusted seat positions can help stop repetitive strains. Regular breaks and alterations in the pattern of the day are also important.

The most common workplace accidents #3 – environmental hazards

Wile E Coyote might be able to pick himself up after an anvil drops on his head (or a piano, or the overhang of a cliff edge), but for mere mortals, more care is needed.

Environmental hazards like poorly stacked boxes, buildings in need of repair and inadequate shelving all contribute to the third on our list. Having something heavy drop on you isn’t funny and lacerations and broken bones are a common result.

How to avoid injuries: proper maintenance of any workplace building is essential – it isn’t responsible to simply put off repair work. Make sure there is safely fitted and secure shelving and storage space for all items and provide adequate corridors and open space for people to walk.

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