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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Tuesday 30 January 2018

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Think of music festivals and we all think of the same thing. People wearing outfits they would never deign to wear in everyday life, sporting wrists clad in a hundred fetid festival wristbands, waving their arms and generally being annoying. But let’s not get on our high horse, we’ve ALL been there.

But music festivals and events aren’t the arenas of friendship and ‘make love not war’ slogans that we might have originally believed. Think about it - cram hundreds of thousands of people into one space, give them alcohol and energising music – accidents are inevitable.

With margins for error in organisation and infrastructure, along with the unpredictability of crowds, it’s no surprise that music events are hotspots for injury. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following 10 events:


1. Travis Scott

A fan is suing Travis Scott for negligence, recklessness, and carelessness after being prompted to jump from a balcony by the rapper at one of his concerts.

The fan suffered fractured vertebrae and a broken wrist after allegedly being pushed from the balcony and dragged on stage by Travis’s security guards.


2. Adele

A falling chain from lighting equipment sent one Adele fan to the hospital during her concert in Glasgow.

Adele later tweeted her apologies and reassured her fans that the incident was being investigated and that it wouldn’t happen again.


3. Tomorrow land festival

22,000 people fled a blazing fire that engulfed the main stage at Tomorrow land festival in Barcelona.

No one was badly injured and everyone was evacuated with all 22,000 fans promised to be reimbursed. There were 20 or so people treated for minor burns and anxiety.


4. Summer Ends Music Festival

40 people were injured at this reggae festival when concert-goers stampeded towards the stage. Nine people were taken to a nearby hospital, 2 of whom sustained life-threatening injuries.

Those at the front of the stage when the crowd rushed forward had difficulty breathing and suffered seizures.


5. Fyre Festival

When rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur McFarland collaborated to create a boutique festival that promised models, yachts and the opportunity to mingle with ‘influencers’, guests would have struggled to match the reality to what they had been sold.

Turning up on the island with disaster relief tents to sleep in, and deconstructed cheese sandwiches in place of the promised gourmet meals, it was no surprise the festival was soon canceled.

After some fans paid out thousands for their tickets, many took legal action against the organisers of the festival.


6. David Guetta

A brawl broke out in Las Vegas whilst David Guetta was performing in which four people were reportedly stabbed.

The injuries were serious but not fatal in a fight that included around 20 people. One person was arrested on three counts of attempted murder.


7. Pearl Jam

Nine people were tragically killed whilst Pearl Jam was playing when the crowd began to stampede towards the stage.

Security realised quickly what was happening and radioed to the band to stop playing but it was too late, and nine people were killed in the crush.


8. Smashing Pumpkins

Mosh pits and crowd surfing at a Smashing Pumpkins concert left one man so badly hurt that he later died from his injuries.

Police later confirmed that the death was due to an out of control mosh pit.


9. Ultra Music Festival

When crowds at Ultra music festival spotted a weakness in security, they tried to push down the fencing in order to enter the festival for free.

Unfortunately, the police officer on duty was crushed beneath the barricade as the crowd surged through causing her to suffer brain hemorrhaging and a broken leg.


10. Love Parade

In 2010, a crowd disaster caused 21 deaths and over 500 injuries when a reported 1.4 million people tried to attend an event with capacity for 300,000.

The event was permanently canceled but many people still took legal action against the organisers.


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