This Is Snow Joke

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Wednesday 28 February 2018

snow angel

With the MET office issuing a red alert on extreme weather this week, the likelihood for accidents are high. Accident Line Direct have complied the top threats and the best ways to avoid them.

1. Beware of falling snow.

The largest recorded snow flake was over a foot wide so wear a hard hat in the blizzards to avoid head injuries

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2. Snow angels.

Lying spread eagled in the snow makes for a cute Instagram picture - but make sure you check the area first to avoid spreading your wings over a concealed pile of dog poo.



3. Slips and trips.

We all love an excuse to Slip into something more comfortable – just make sure it’s not a back brace this winter. Take care over icy patches and use a handrail whenever you can, or hang on to someone else, like a helpful stranger.


4. Repetitive strain injury.

Yanking your arm back and forth to catapult those snow balls could result in strained tendons, muscles and ligaments. See our injury guide for more details.


5. Caught out in the open.

If you find yourself knee deep in 0.5cm’s of snow this week then building an igloo could save your life. The inside of an igloo can be up to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer than the outside. Then again, if you find yourself knee deep in 0.5cm’s of snow you have bigger problems to address.

polar bear igloo

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6. Alcohol.

Jagger bombs may have to take a back burner this winter. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, making you lose body heat at a faster rate. When faced with the choice of one last beverage or Hypothermia I know which one I’d rather take.


alcohol in snow

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7. Hot Chocolate

You’re looking adorable; shoulders hunched, artisan hot chocolate clutched between your be-mittened hands, bobble hat covering your eyes and then – you take a sip of your scalding hot chocolate and spit it back into your mug, furiously fanning your mouth- gross. Watch out for hot beverages, mouth injuries are more common than you think.





In all seriousness we hope you take appropriate safety measures to tackle the Beast from the East – stay safe everyone!

From your pals at Accident Line Direct