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By Cai Bradley

on Thursday 13 December 2018

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Personal Injury Solicitors in Cardiff

If you have been injured in Cardiff – whether it was at the workplace, in a road traffic collision, or a number of other situations – our personal injury solicitors here at Accident Line Direct can help you begin the claims process with minimum hassle.

Our team of No Win No Fee personal injury lawyers cover Cardiff and the whole of the UK, providing first-class injury claims advice for injured parties.

Here, we will outline the process of a personal injury claim, the different types of claims and how you should go about making your claim through us.

The Process: What is Personal Injury Claims?

Following an accident, you should always follow certain steps to ensure all parties’ safety and to then give yourself the best chance of successfully claiming for your injuries should you sustain any.

Firstly, take care of your own and any other parties’ injuries by seeking medical advice from professionals, whether it be the emergency services for more severe injuries or a GP in other circumstances.

If the situation allows, you should gather as much information about the incident as possible. For example, if you’re ever involved in a road traffic accident, be sure to get the other drivers’ contact details, vehicle registration numbers, and witnesses.

Taking photographs of the incident before the vehicles are moved is also a useful practice (as long as everyone is safe!) in order to provide hard evidence to back your claim.

Once the cars have been moved and police have been notified of the accident, contact your insurers to let them know that you have had an accident. Then get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to begin your claim.

Similarly with a slip, trip or fall, take photos of the scene and try to get the details of any witnesses if they’re happy to do so. With any type of accident, any evidence you can get will help your claim.

For us to be able to recover any expenses that have occurred as a result of the accident, you should try to keep all travel receipts (such as trips to the hospital or train journeys to work after being unable to drive your car) as well as any medical reports for evidence.

We will then use the evidence to decide whether you were at-fault or not, and whether you should be able to claim for injuries.

Our personal injury solicitors will be able to cooperate with third party insurers in order to come to a settlement agreement.

Best Personal Injury Solicitors Cardiff

Our personal injury lawyers cover all sorts of injury claims in the Cardiff area, working on a No Win No Fee basis so that you don’t need to worry about solicitor fees if your claim is not successful.

However, the claims that we take on have a high success rate and we will always work to retrieve the best compensation for your troubles.

We work efficiently with the third-party insurers but remain in touch with you in order to keep you up-to-date with proceedings. 

Types of Personal Injury Claims

All sorts of injuries occur in the Cardiff area, just as any other area in the UK, whether it’s at work, on the road or pretty much anywhere else.

Workplace Injuries in Cardiff

A recent study done by the Health and Safety Executive Board found that 1,500 non-fatal injuries to employees were reported in Cardiff between 2013 and 2016, plus an additional four fatal incidents.

Whether it’s a work-related illness such as Mesothelioma caused by Asbestos, injuries to the senses (hearing or sight) or physical fractures to your legs or arms, at Accident Line Direct, we cover all types of injuries and illnesses caused by negligence at the workplace.

If you have been injured at any workplace in Cardiff, be sure to give our personal injury solicitors a call to determine whether you will be able to make a claim. We’ll be happy to help!

Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are sadly a common occurrence, with 4,556 accidents involving personal injuries recorded by the police on Welsh roads in 2017. 

Cardiff sees its fair share of these accidents, so make sure that you are prepared to claim for compensation with a No Win No Fee solicitor should you be injured.

Clinical and Medical Negligence in Cardiff

Clinical negligence, otherwise known as medical negligence, refers to any breach of a duty of care by a healthcare professional.

If you believe you have been subject to negligence from a healthcare provider, we can now recover compensation for your mistreatment.

Our solicitors covering the Cardiff area and the whole of Wales are experienced to give you as much information as you need prior to beginning your claim, so just give us a call at a time that suits you.

Personal Injury Claims Cardiff

If you have been hurt in any way through no fault of your own, be sure to give us a call or complete our short contact form and a member of the team will be in touch at a time convenient for you.

We will work efficiently whilst remaining communicative in order to get you the best compensation possible for your personal injury.

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Accident Line Direct can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch today!

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