Swansea compensation claim guidance

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Thursday 13 December 2018


Using a maximum timeframe of three years post-injury to make your claim, Accident Line Direct can put your case to a panel of experienced solicitors to help you win a personal injury claim in Swansea. They can do this by demonstrating a breach of your duty of care; negligence related to your safety and well-being, in which;

  • A duty of care was owed to you

  • That duty of care was then breached

  • An injury or illness was caused as a result of this breach

Pursuing your claim immediately will allow the injury solicitors we work with to collate supporting evidence and witness statements.


Finding the best solicitor for your compensation claim

To receive the best award or settlement possible, it is essential that you choose the solicitor who is most suited to you to act on your behalf.

The personal injury solicitors that Accident Line Direct work with aim to secure the maximum compensation by acting on your behalf to assess the value of your claim, negotiate the relevant paperwork and settle a final amount.

Experienced solicitors will decide whether a No Win No Fee agreement is suitable for your claim by collating supporting evidence that can consist of the following;

  • Witnesses to the event

  • Identifying the party at fault

  • Local medical examination


Using this information they will decide whether your claim has a reasonable prospect of success.

Swansea generates a high number of claims in a range of categories each year and solicitors, although not limited to just the following, can help you win your claim in each of these categories;


Serious injury

Wales is one of the regions with the highest rate of fatal injuries during the last six years. Spanning the last five years, over 1000 serious injuries, determined by the length of absence from work, were conveyed in the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations (RIDDOR) for the Swansea local authority.

Our solicitors work with the Courts, medical providers and insurance companies to get the compensation deserved from life-altering injuries that can incur substantial follow up care costs. The Swansea region sees hundreds of serious injury cases every year but our experienced team are equipped to deal with such circumstances and are ready to help with this type of personal injury claim.

Road Traffic Accidents

Recent research from RoSPA shows that Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) make up 50% of personal injury claims in the UK.

During the last six years, a total of 3594 Road Traffic Accidents were reported in Swansea.

With the exception of Cardiff, Swansea has consistently generated the highest number of Road Traffic Accidents for five consecutive years.

As one of the leading causes of personal injury, Road Traffic Accidents in Swansea can be amongst the most damaging but with expert experience from the solicitors that work with us, we are confident in negotiating the maximum compensation amount pertaining to your claim.


Clinical and medical negligence

The NHS Litigation Authority reports in their annual statistics that medical negligence claims have been rising year by year since 2010.

Medical negligence, now re-defined as Clinical negligence relates to a breach of the duty of care by your healthcare provider and is grounds for compensation. The solicitors Accident Line Direct appoint are experienced in this type of injury claim and can offer free advice on further advancing your claims process.


Industrial disease

Over the last ten years, Occupational Deafness, Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have been amongst the greatest contributors to industrial related diseases. Wales; including a large proportion from Swansea, was statistically significantly higher for work-related illnesses than the rest of Great Britain. A Swansea based medical centre can provide a medical assessment that Accident Line Direct can use to help secure the maximum compensation you are entitled to following an industry-related illness. 


Accidents in the workplace

Wales has a non-fatal injury rate which is statistically significantly higher than the overall rate for Great Britain. Over 2000 reported workplace-related accidents occurred in the South West for people in their current or most recent job according to recent government data.


No Win No Fee agreement

Where possible, our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee agreement so there will be no upfront cost to process your claim. We make sure you do not absorb any of the cost that the solicitors incur in using our service.


Making your claim in Swansea 

If you are ready to start your claim, Accident Line Direct can help. Call our freephone number for more information on the claims process and on the best solicitors in Swansea 

0808 1454275

Accident Line Direct can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch today!