Can You Claim Compensation for a Sports Injury?

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By Crispin Bateman

on Tuesday 30 April 2019

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When you take part in a sport, it’s easy to believe that you leave your right to compensation for injury in the changing room – after all, you are choosing to take part in the activity so surely there’s no one but you responsible for what happens.

Fortunately for many, it’s not that clear cut and with an array of factors that can come into an accident or injury, it’s often discovered that injuries are caused by negligence or a failure in the part of a venue or organiser to properly undertake their duty of care.

Sports injury compensation claims are valid and if you have been injured while participating in a sporting activity by something that was not your fault then you can put forward a claim for financial compensation for your suffering.

What is a Sports Injury Claim?

A sports injury claim occurs where an accident has happened because of something outside your control while participating in a sporting activity. Some examples of legitimate sports injury claims are:

Poorly maintained or faulty equipment causing injury

With equipment being a central fixture to many sports, it is important that proper and regular maintenance is undertaken to ensure that every machine is working at its optimum level.

One area where it is common for negligence in looking after sports equipment to result in an injury is with gym accidents, where there are many pieces of equipment that need to be serviced and cleaned. If the gym has been lax in making sure that their facilities are safe, then they are responsible for any unfortunate accidents that happen as a result and will be liable for paying out appropriate compensation.

Hazards at the venue

Every venue has a duty of care to make sure its grounds are suitable for the activity taking place, from tennis courts to football pitches and beyond. While there is a measure of understanding that the participants in a game take on board the risks of playing, sometimes in poor weather, the venue shouldn’t allow events to go ahead if there is a considerable risk to injury.

Football injury compensation claims, rugby related injuries, even track and field sports injuries can all occur if the ground where they are held is in a poor state, and the venue is responsible for that.

Lack of proper safety considerations

Many sports have a dangerous aspect to them, and the organisers of the activity are responsible for ensuring that all proper safety precautions have been put into place. This can be anything from an introductory video explaining how to safely and properly use the equipment, to physical barriers or other notices clearly setting out the appropriate areas for play.

A failure to adequately provide the appropriate level of safety is considered negligence in sport, and the event organiser is liable for reasonable financial compensation.

Malicious intent

Although rare, it is possible that another player intentionally causes you harm and this can often be seen as an assault charge. Football accidents that, on review, can be clearly identified as a purposeful attack can result in a compensation claim.

If you believe that you were a victim of a malicious attack by another player, it is important that you discuss the situation with the appropriate authorities, beginning with the local governing body for the sport and leading to the police if necessary.

Psychological responses to injury in sport and other mental health considerations

Personal injury is not limited to physical damage. You may suffer from a psychological injury because of being involved in a sporting incident that leads to depression, anxiety and other reactions that lead to an inability to continue with your life as normal. This can lead to a valid claim for compensation.

Bullying in sport

If you are the victim of bullying then it is very important that you report this back to the appropriate authority (sports coach, event organiser or even sport governing body etc.) in order to have the matter dealt with. If it continues then you may be entitled to make a claim – even against the sports coach or other authority if they are responsible or fail to act appropriately.

Claiming compensation for a sport injury that occurred while spectating

While direct injury as a result of watching a sport is incredibly rare, the venue and event organisers have a duty of care to everyone in the venue to make sure they have a safe experience. A poorly maintained venue where seats collapse or the stairs are slippery can lead to an injury which, while not technically a sports injury, is still due to the sporting event.

If you find yourself leaving the venue with an injury then you are likely to have a strong case for a compensation claim.

How Accident Line Direct can help you sue for a sports injury

At Accident Line Direct we have the finest personal injury lawyers who are specialists in claiming for physical and mental injuries. We are here to give you sports injury claim advice, from the very early stages and then to take the case on for you all the way through to a final substantial payout.

Injury in sport is no less serious than any other type of injury and just because you agreed to enjoy a physical activity doesn’t mean that you signed up to suffer pain and loss of earnings while you recover from a sports accident that was not your fault.

There is no limit to the types of sports injuries you can claim for, and through the years we have probably seen it all, so don’t put yourself in the position of believing your situation is somehow invalid or not worth trying to claim for – give us a call and let our experts assess the situation for you. It costs you nothing for a consultation and it can put you on the path to a cash award that will help you move forward with your life.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to professional legal representation, whether they are a local enthusiast claiming for a minor football accident or a well-paid professional who is suffering from an accident due to negligence in sport management, we operate on a no win no fee basis. This means that we will not charge you a penny throughout the process, making our money instead through a small percentage of the final compensation award. We will tie our fortunes in with yours and work to the very finest level to ensure the largest payout possible.

For more information and to start your claim, why not fill in our contact form to get someone to ring you back at a convenient time or, if you are free now, simply pick up the phone and give us a call.

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