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By Crispin Bateman

on Thursday 28 March 2019

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Having an accident in a public place can affect you on many levels – of course, there is the physical injury, but there is also a sense of embarrassment and often external pressure to just ‘brush it off’ and ‘not make a fuss’. Too often, people struggle after falling over in public and pretend they’re fine and ‘it’s nothing’ when it is anything but. Then they feel they can’t make a claim for compensation because they said at the time that they were not in pain.

In many cases, victims of an injury in public hide at home while they do their best to recover and suffer in silence if the overall effect of the accident leaves them with some mental health issues, such as depression.

At Accident Line Direct, we are here to support you through a claim for compensation no matter how it occurred. We can show you how to claim against someone’s public liability insurance and receive the financial compensation you deserve.

A public injury definition

Public liability doesn’t mean you have to have been in public at the time of the accident – rather, ‘public’ in the title refers to members of the public, and you are one! It is a business’s duty of care to the people that interact with it, and if you have had an accident where a business or organisation has been negligent or careless in following health and safety principles, then you can make a claim.

Examples of public injury claims

The following represent a few of the possible range of public liability claim examples:

  • An accident in a supermarket due to spillage that hasn’t been cleaned or properly signed.
  • Slipping or falling due to raised paving slabs on the pavement or an otherwise uneven and unmaintained surface.
  • Suffering injury due to the collapse of part of the structure of a publicly-accessible building, such as a library or pub.
  • Exposure to hazardous materials while in a public venue.
  • Cleaning equipment left in a corridor or other place that led to a trip.
  • Food poisoning while eating dinner at a restaurant.

If you are in a public or business environment and a lack of care or negligence has caused you to suffer either physically or mentally, then you can claim compensation for an accident in a public place.

Employer’s liability vs. public liability claims

If you are employed by the business whose fault it is, then it is not a public liability claim, but an employer liability claim. Like the business has to the public, the owner has a duty of care to you as an employee to make sure that your working environment is safe, hazard free and welcoming.

An accident at work that occurred because of something that was not your fault is as much a legitimate cause for a compensation claim as an accident in a public place. Contact us at Accident Line Direct today if you have suffered due to a lack of care in your workplace and we will discuss your potential claim for compensation.

What is a duty of care?

Business owners and those who run organisations have a defined duty of care to the people who come into contact with their organisation – the public.

This duty of care stipulates that the environment must be safe and hazard-free, and any incidents that cause a new hazard (such as a liquid spill) must be dealt with efficiently – whether it is an immediate clean up, or simply to barrier off the area and mark it accordingly.

Most common accidents in public places occur simply because the business or organisation has been negligent with their duty of care. It can be through simple things – like failing to replace a light bulb on a stairwell leading to a dangerous descent in the dark, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer without recompense.

The law is clear that if someone has been negligent and it has led to your personal injury (both physical and psychological) then you are entitled to adequate compensation.

This compensation is there to provide a financial cushion for you and will cover many aspects:

  • Financial recompense for physical and mental pain and suffering.

  • Loss of earnings due to your inability to work.

  • Expenses incurred through obtaining medical treatment or otherwise as a direct consequence of the accident.

  • Money needed to make alterations to your home or transport due to an injury.

  • Providing suitable aftercare, counselling and other support.

Remember – you are entitled to the compensation by law and shouldn’t shy away from requesting it.

Who pays compensation – what is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a requirement for businesses to help them protect themselves in the case of a lapse in care - they will be covered financially in order to make sure any victims are adequately paid.

When you make a claim against the company, the public liability insurance will be there to make sure the business itself isn’t damaged from the accident. In fact, the worst that will happen to the business financially is a slight increase in annual insurance premiums!

Not only does this mean the business is protected, but it also allows you to continue with your claim guilt-free, knowing that the insurance is the only thing affected.

Public liability claims for property damage

At Accident Line Direct we specialise in personal injury claims, not damage to property or possessions. If the accident that hurt you also caused significant damage to your property (for example, a piece of scaffolding coming loose and crashing into your car) then we pass that section of your claim onto a suitable partner to allow us to concentrate on your needs while also making sure that something is being done with regard to your property.

I need some accident injury solicitors – should I use Accident Line Direct?

Of course, you should!

At Accident Line Direct we work on a No Win No Fee basic, meaning that no matter what happens with your claim, you will never be asked to pay any fees towards us.

As specialists in personal injuries in the UK, as well as No Win No Fee solicitors, it is very important to us to have a strong relationship with our clients and to offer advice whenever it is needed. We know that making a claim is a huge undertaking for you and so even though it is a daily operation for us, we know that for you it is an important part of your life and the outcome could be permanently affecting.

For this reason, we train all our team in empathy and kindness and ensure that you will only ever be dealt with by someone who can put you at ease.

Give us at Accident Line Direct a call if you have suffered from a public liability injury in the past couple of years, and you could begin your path to a huge compensation payout.

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