Types of Asbestos

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By Osian Jones

on Thursday 4 January 2018

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As reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), asbestos causes around half of occupational cancer deaths.

The types of asbestos are varied, as are their relatable illnesses from long-term exposure. There are two main types of asbestos; serpentine and amphibole, which are both comprised of several smaller groups. It can be helpful to know what type you may have been exposed to when gaining a prognosis.

Around 107,000 people die each year as a result of mesothelioma, an asbestos-related type of cancer (WHO statistic).

There are several asbestos types which fall into two main groupings; serpentine and amphibole.


Serpentine Asbestos

This type consists of one type of asbestos known as chrysotile asbestos and is the most common type for industrial and commercial use. Despite its long-standing link with fatalistic cancers, chrysotile asbestos is still widely used in developing countries. It is distinguishable by its curly and long fibres and is also commonly known as white asbestos.


Amphibole Asbestos (two most common)

Amphibole asbestos breaks down into tiny, needle-like fibres. Because these fibres can be microscopic and sharp in form, they are more aerodynamic and penetrative than serpentine asbestos fibres.

Crocidolite asbestos; often called blue asbestos, is characterised by straight, needle-like, blue fibres. Although not the most prevalent type, it is considered the most dangerous due to the body’s inability to expel the needle-like fibres from the lining of the lungs.

Amosite asbestos; or brown asbestos, is the second most common type of asbestos and is still popular in the building industry, most regularly used as a fire retardant due to its flame resistant properties.


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