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By Crispin Bateman

on Wednesday 7 November 2018

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Having an injured ankle can be incredibly debilitating - the sudden inability to get around can have a major impact on both your personal and working life.

Claiming Compensation for an Ankle Injury

A broken ankle takes at least six weeks to heal, with many taking twice that long. Three months of being unable to walk unaided can contribute to a substantial loss of income, not to mention the general pain of the injury itself. If the injury came about due to something which wasn’t your fault then there is every chance you can claim financial compensation.

What can cause a claimable ankle injury?

Any injury that was not your fault can potentially be valid for a compensation payout. Some example of situations that can lead to an ankle injury settlement amount in the UK are:

Accident on the road

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault and led to a fractured ankle, then you will be able to put forward a case for financial compensation against the driver at fault.

It is not just car-on-car road traffic accident that can lead to an ankle injury. Both pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable on the roads, and the nature of their situation puts the chance of a broken ankle much higher than for those in cars.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a cyclist, pedestrian or other road user, then you are as entitled to compensation equal to those in car collisions. Accident Line Direct can help you see your case through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Accident at work

Your employer has a duty of care to ensure that the environment you are working in safe and free from hazards. A slip at work, or a trip down a badly maintained stairway can lead to a sprained ankle compensation payout, or worse.

The legal duty of care laid down by the Health and Safety Executive is a serious part of running a business, and if your employer is negligent in keeping up with these regulations then you will have a strong position from which to receive financial compensation.

An accident at work is not limited to a slip or fall. If you suffer a broken ankle due to something heavy falling on your foot, or the position of your regular workplace is static such that it causes swollen ankles, then these may be causes to begin proceedings.

Accident in a public space

Just as your employer has a duty of care to maintain your workplace, so to do owners of the businesses you frequent as part of your social life have a duty of care to keep their venues safe. From supermarkets to nightclubs, there is a chain of responsibility in place to see that you, as a member of the public, are not subjected to unnecessary dangers.

If you are recovering from a sprained ankle, torn tendons, ankle fracture or other ankle injury as a consequence of something which happened while you were out, then you may be able to put forward a claim with the court.

This duty of care extends to the council in their maintenance of pavements and road surfaces – tripped down a broken kerbside? Twisted your ankle due to a pothole knocking you from your bike? These are valid reasons to claim – after all, why should you suffer due to someone else’s negligence?


If you have been attacked or involved in a fight which led to a broken ankle, you can make a claim against your aggressor. Even if you sprained an ankle due to running from a threat, you should be able to receive sensible compensation.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is in place to help you when making a claim for an injury that came about as part of a crime, making sure you receive a fair award even if the perpetrator of the assault can not be found and brought to justice.

How much compensation can you get from a broken ankle?

When making an ankle injury compensation calculation, the court works to a set of national guidelines in order to reach a fair settlement.

When looking at what a broken ankle is worth in terms of payout, every care is taken to examine the complete financial impact on your life, as well as a suitable compensation for the pain and suffering. Medical costs, expenses incurred from your visits to a podiatrist, the loss of earnings across the entire broken ankle recovery time – these all come together to form a final award.

The table which shows the guidelines followed by the courts in determining the compensation value is as follows:

Severity Compensation
Modest InjuriesUp to £10,960
Moderate£10,960 to £21,200
Severe£24,950 to £39,910
Very Severe£39,910 to £55,560

Who pays for an ankle injury compensation claim?

Despite sensational media trying to sell newspapers based on headlines suggesting that making a compensation claim will put a company out of business, the truth is that the vast majority of compensation claims are paid by insurance companies.

Business liability insurance will be in place to protect any company from the direct impact of legal fees and compensation awards – something which is true for your employer or a local family-run shop. When you make a claim for financial compensation against a company, the insurance company takes care of all the financials – in fact, the only direct impact that will be felt by the business is a rise in their annual insurance premium!

Similarly, road traffic accidents are covered by car insurance companies, with the offending driver protected except for their chosen excess and another rise in premiums.

In the cases of assault, the criminal is liable for all costs and these must be paid for personally. If they do not have the funds to make a full payment, then CICA will ensure that the victim doesn’t go out of pocket and seek to recover the funds independently to the proceedings.

In all cases, you should feel free of guilt over the cost to the defendant – the court will only ever award compensation if they believe you deserve it and will only ever award a fair value commensurate to your injury and suffering.

What should I do to make a claim for my ankle injury?

Call Accident Line Direct today. We are specialists in compensation claims for injuries caused by accidents and have a team of experienced professionals able to take your case to fruition.

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis because we believe that everyone – no matter their personal financial situation – is entitled to quality legal representation. With a No Win No Fee agreement, you pay nothing unless the case is successful – we make our money by taking a small percentage of the final award, and in this way a win for you is a win for us! There’s no small print or hidden fees – if we don’t win your case, then it costs you nothing.

Give us a call today or fill in our contact form to have a specialist advisor call you back at a time convenient to you and take your first steps to being fairly compensated for your ankle injury.

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