Can I sue a hairdresser?

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By Crispin Bateman

on Monday 15 October 2018

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Can I sue a hair stylist?

When someone injures you due to their negligence while you were in their care, you have the full right to claim compensation from them. Though most hair-related damage is temporary, the impact of having your hair damaged can be considerable, including a lack of self-esteem and confidence, and the desire to become reclusive until the situation has been healed. Suing a hair stylist for appropriate compensation is legitimate and we can help.

What damage to hair can be claimed for?

Most common hair-damage problems come from a reaction to the products used by a hairdresser. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Hair loss

  • Hair breakage

  • Damage to hair follicles

  • Hair thinning

  • Alopecia (partial baldness)

  • Total loss of hair

  • Dry and brittle hair

  • Allergic reactions

  • Dermatitis

  • A burning scalp

  • Itchiness and rash

While you are at the hairdressers, you are under their care. Like any business, the hair salon has a legal duty of care to ensure you are properly cared for. Any allergic reaction at the hairdressers should have first been noticed during a patch test and discussed with you regarding the possible side effects – if that didn’t happen then they are guilty of professional negligence and claiming compensation is reasonable.

Can I make a claim against a hair product manufacturer?

Any home hair dye kit that you use should have been appropriately tested and certified as safe before being made available for public purchase. If you followed the instructions properly and still suffered using a home kit, you may be entitled to compensation due against their product liability insurance. Please call us for further information and advice.

What about a hairdresser accident?

Just like any workplace, the hair salon must follow health and safety guidelines to insure it is a safe environment for its staff and any clientele. If an accident occurs while you are at the hairdressers, it is another example of hair salon negligence and a compensation claim should follow.

Accidents that may occur at a hairdresser include such things as hair setting on fire due to incorrect use of drying equipment. This type of incident could leave you suffering from significant emotional and psychological trauma, as well as physical scarring, a loss of hair and more.

A financial award is designed to provide financial relief from both your loss of earnings and daily accounting if you are unable to go on about your life as usual, cover any expenses that are incurred for treatment, and attempt to mitigate some of the pain and trauma that you have suffered. It is your right to be correctly compensated fully for all effects of the negligent act.

Will I put the hair salon out of business?

Hair damage claims for compensation are there to help you recover from the incident, they are not, in any part, designed as a vindictive way of ‘getting back’ at your wrongdoer. Any business, even a self-employed individual, should have appropriate business liability insurance in place to cover all legal costs and compensation awards should the business find itself in litigation.

Any monies you are awarded will be taken from that insurer, and the business itself will be protected. This helps relieve you of any guilt you may have regarding the hairdresser themselves – someone who may well be a friend. The worst making a claim usually does is to increase the size of the business’s annual insurance premium – much like having a car crash only really costs you the loss of your no-claims discount.

I was assaulted and my hair damaged – can I make a claim?

You are entitled to make a claim against any attacker for any physical damage you suffered as part of an assault and they will be made to make this payment from their own pocket.

Should they be unable to adequately compensate you for damages, it is possible to make an application for personal injury compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities (CICA). CICA are set up to ensure that victims of crime are not left without financial recompense for crimes done to them.

If you were the victim of an assault that makes you want to make a hair loss compensation claim, please contact us today.

How much is a hairdresser negligence claim worth?

The courts use a set of guidelines to calculate the correct level of financial award in compensation cases. They will take into account every aspect of the incident, including the level of emotional and psychological damage suffered, any pain you had or still have, the costs of medical care and any other expenses, plus any loss of salary that may have occurred due to you being unable to work.

It is important that you keep records of everything related to the claim in order to further the chance of its success. In the case of a hair damage compensation claim, it is also prudent to take a regular number of photographs, showing the damage done and charting any associating conditions as well as the level of recovery.

For an idea of the value of a hairdresser-related compensation claim, please examine this chart:

Severity Compensation
Stress loss of hair and damage causing bald patches. Hair generally grows back within two years.£3,150 to £5,850
damage which causes hair to fall out leading to distress which can inhibit social life. Thining may continue and prospects of re-growth are poor£5,850 to £8,780

How do I make a hair damage claim?

At Accident Line Direct we specialise in personal injury claims and have a team of professional solicitors with years of experience ready to take on your compensation claim case.

We believe that top-quality legal representation should be available to all when claiming for compensation and so choose to work on a No Win No Fee basis to help those without the funds available to employ a top legal team to get the same level of service as the more affluent.

Under the No Win No Fee system, we work with a contingency or conditional fee agreement (CFA) that guarantees that you do not have any hidden charges or fees to pay. We make our money by taking a small percentage of the final compensation award, and if we do not win the case for you, then we charge you nothing. This system means that we are as eager to secure the maximum possible award for compensation as you are, and we will work our very best to achieve that aim.

There’s no confusing small print – you get access to a first-class litigation team with no financial risk whatsoever.

Give us at Accident Line Direct a call today to begin the process or, if you prefer, fill in our contact form to have someone call you back at a time better suited for you.

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