Claiming compensation for a shoulder injury

A shoulder dislocation could be awarded up to £14,600.

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Thursday 3 May 2018

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Impacts of a shoulder injury

The shoulder is what is known as a ball and socket joint, surrounded my strong muscles and a complex arrangement of tendons and ligaments. The nature of a ball and socket joint allows for a wide range of movement (which is how we can rotate out arm in wide circles) but also means it can dislocate.

A shoulder dislocation is the upper bone in the arm, known as the humerus, is pulled out of the socket of the shoulder bone, known as the clavicle.  The shoulder is a cleverly designed part of the human anatomy, but unfortunately, when damaged, it can be extremely painful.

Like much of our general health, working limbs are something we take for granted. Our shoulder is integral to many lifting and carrying tasks. These are the kind of tasks we perform whilst working, cooking for our family, carrying small children, playing sport, taking part in hobbies and other simple daily tasks.

When the ability to perform these tasks is compromised, the impacts of a shoulder injury begin to affect your daily life and over all well-being - this is all in addition to the initial pain and suffering of the injury itself.

Compensation for a shoulder injury

If you have sustained a shoulder injury from an accident that you believe wasn’t your fault, then your next step should be to claim compensation. We believe that financial compensation can go a long way to helping you in your recovery. This could be to help with any loss of income from days taken off work, helping with additional care costs or even helping with car repairs if your injury was the result of a Road Traffic Accident.

Determining how much money you could receive for a shoulder injury relies on a number of factors and not just the injury itself. For example, a court will take into account any special damages such as lost income, transport fees or additional care costs.

The judicial college release guideline pay out amounts for shoulder injuries based on level of severity, these are listed below;

Severity Compensation
in less than 2 years£3,470 to £6,290
within a year£1950 to £3,470
within 3 monthsup to £1950
Minor£1,950 to £6,290
Moderate£6,290 to £10,180
Serious£10,180 to £15,300
Severe£15,300 to £38,280

The cause of the shoulder injury

For personal injury law to be successful the solicitor has to provide evidence to support your claim that the accident that caused your injury was not your fault. Quite often, these types of injuries are related to slips, trips, and falls, being struck by a moving object and falling from height in the workplace.

Workplace accidents can be the result of poor health and safety regulations in place or improper training – which is often classed as negligent behaviour from your employer.

Other causes of a shoulder injury can include Road Traffic Accidents such as; cycling accidents, car and motorcycle accidents and collisions on public transport. A shoulder injury may also be caused from a slip, trip, or fall in a public place or caused whilst playing sports.

The important thing to remember in personal injury law is that someone must have acted negligently causing you to injure yourself. It’s also important you get the help you need to help you recover not matter that the cause for the injury.

Starting a shoulder injury claim for compensation

Your first port of call should always be to get medical attention or advice to help you with your injury and relieve any pain associated with the injury.  A medical professional will also be able to assess the extent of the damage and give you a rough estimate of your recovery time. We advise that you keep all records of your diagnosis and treatment as they could help your solicitor verify your claim. You should try to keep all receipts and invoices for medical care and travel costs during this time.

Your next step may then be to research shoulder injury compensation claims to find pages like ours that provide information and advice. At Accident Line Direct we always strive to provide the best advice in the realms of personal injury law, online and in person.

If you are looking for more information about the claims process or wish to speak to someone about your accident in reference to a claim then you can use our free phone number or send us an email. We believe that compensation should be accessible to everyone, and not just those who can afford it, so we will work on a No Win No Fee agreement wherever possible.

Accident Line Direct will listen to your case and assign you a solicitor with the relevant experience and skills to best represent your case. All our clients are kept up to date with the claims process and we pride ourselves on our friendly and empathetic staff.

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