Claiming compensation for a toe injury

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Wednesday 29 August 2018

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What is a toe injury?

There are five toes attached to the foot by the metatarsals or long toe bones, which are the great toe or big toe and the four lesser toes. Animals that walk on the soles of their feet like humans are described as being plantigrade whilst animals, like cats, that walk on their toes are described as being digitgrade. The toes range from medial to lateral, or from the big toe to the small toe.

There are several major bones in the toes that can be injured, fractured or broken, these are;the three phalanx bones of proximal, middle and distal. The big toe, or Hallux, is the only toe with only proximal and distal bones.

A toe injury involves commonly a break or fracture of one of these bones, or ligament and tendon injury. The toes can be broken, crushed or amputated during and accident and will require medical attention if the injury is severe enough. A broken toe can be taped at home without requiring a trip to the hospital but you may struggle to walk on it properly for a few weeks. As humans are plantigrade however, a toe injury shouldn’t prevent you from walking, although running is not recommended until the toe is fully healed.

Treatment for an injured toe

A sprained or broken toe will usually heal on its own with time but there are some things you can do to help such as binding the toes together or putting an ice pack on the injured area. For longer term health problems such as a fungal nail infection, ingrown toe or claw and mallet toes, we recommend that you see a specialist. You may need surgery, topical treatment or orthopaedic shoes to help with your foot shape.

How much can you claim for a toe injury?

The amount of compensation you can receive for a toe injury depends on your level of pain and suffering. The judicial college issue guideline amounts for toe injuries ranging for around £7000 for a moderate injury, up to £44,000 for complete toe amputation.

Severity Compensation
ModerateUp to £7,650
Serious£7,650 to £10,960
Severe£10,960 to £16,800
Amputation of the Great ToeIn the region of £24,950
Amputation of All Toes£29,110 to £44,710

When can I claim for a toe injury?

You can claim compensation for a toe injury if the accident that caused your injury was not your fault or was only partially your fault. This is normally because someone owed you a duty of care, such as an employer, and they broke that duty of care by acting negligently towards you, resulting in your harm.

This could be an employer in a work place in which health and safety measures were not adequate enough, or this could be;

  1. Road traffic accident
  2. Injury in a public place
  3. Sporting accident

In each scenario, if someone acted negligently and caused your personal harm then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. Claiming for money may not be able to rectify the immediate pain and suffering or missing out on hobbies and family events, but it could provide you with the financial support needed to recover. Taking time off work, rehabilitation and medical care can all be costly. Making a claim for compensation can help with the financial repercussions of an injury and get you on the road to recovery.

Making a claim for compensation for an injured toe

Firstly you should check that you are within the time limits to make a claim (three years from the date of the accident) and that the accident caused personal harm to yourself. There has to be some negative impact on your life to be eligible for compensation, this can involve financial and psychological damage as well as physical.

Call Accident Line Direct and we will tell you over the phone if you have a pursuable claim or not. If you do, we will put you in touch with an experienced solicitor who will help you win your case. Accident Line Direct operate where possible on a no win no fee basis so the financial risk is eliminated for the claimant. We will take a success fee when we win, which is no more than 25% of your compensation amount.

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