Claiming compensation for a wrist injury

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Wednesday 30 May 2018

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For an accident that wasn’t your fault, suffering with the consequences can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially if the injury is impacting on your quality of life.

For wrist injury compensation claims and for a guide on how to claim, read this resource specifically written for wrist injuries to find out how much you can claim in compensation and how.

The Wrist

The wrist is a highly complex joint involving the ulna and radius (end of the arm) forming a convex shape to accommodate the small bones of the hand. The additional tendons and ligaments form a complicated joint that allows for limited lateral movement and wide-ranging vertical movement. This is known as an ellipsoid type synovial joint; where movement is possible along two different axes.

The delicate structures in the wrist can, unfortunately, make them prone to injury, depending on your physic. In addition to this, the compact and narrow anatomy of the wrist can be troublesome for the three major nerve branches; ulnar, meridian and radius, resulting in painful disorders like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Typical wrist injuries

Notoriously, wrists are liable to sprains, breaks and nerve damage. We often hear someone in our life complaining of a sore wrist and some of the most common problems they may be experiencing can include;

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – this is a problem that causes compression of the meridian nerve resulting in almost constant discomfort and pain.

Colles’ fracture - is the most common fracture to the wrist and is typically caused by falling onto an outstretched hand.

Lunate dislocation – caused by falling onto a dorsiflexed wrist (back of the hand flat to the floor) causing anterior flexion and extreme pain. This type of injury needs immediate medical attention in order to prevent compression of the joints on the nerve.

Scaphoid fracture – common in young children, the scaphoid fracture is normally the result of an impact to the wrist which causes a fracture of the small bone at the top of the wrist. Having its own blood supply in the wrist location, if not seen to this type of fracture can cause arthritis in later life.

Sprains – the latticed tendons and ligaments in the wrist can become hyperextended when used to break a person’s fall or to prevent an impact from a falling object. Hyperextension can cause minute lesions on the tendons and ligaments and can be very painful, as well as taking a long time to heal.

Common accidents causing wrist injuries

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that slips, trips, and falls are amongst the most common accidents in the workplace and these types of accidents account for most wrist injuries. Any accident in which people use their wrists to brace themselves or against other objects typically result in a wrist injury.

These types of accidents can include; Road Traffic Accidents when people brace themselves against the steering wheel, sporting injuries when people brace themselves against other people or the floor when they fall, and in the workplace when people break their fall or stop a falling object using their hand and wrist.

Who can claim for a wrist injury?

In order to claim for compensation, the accident must have been the fault of someone else. A personal injury solicitor will try to prove this by providing evidence that you were;

  • Owed a duty of care
  • This duty of care was ignored or broken
  • Someone acted negligently
  • This negligence caused an accident that resulted in your personal harm

The solicitor will then build your case and the amount of compensation you deserve by showing how your personal harm has impacted your wellbeing. This can include general damages such as pain and suffering, alongside special damages such as medical care costs, public transport costs, and loss of quality of life from such things as having to give up personal hobbies and activities.

The court will take into account how long these factors are likely to impact your life. For example, someone who is likely to make a full recovery within a few months would usually receive less than someone who is permanently disabled from the accident.

In order to be able to claim in personal injury law you must make your claim within three years of the accident happening, or in some circumstances, within three years of the symptoms making themselves known. Sometimes there are changes to timescales and special circumstances apply to those under 18 or vulnerable adults. It is probably best to phone a company directly to find out more about timeframes. Accident Line Direct is able to provide you with such information on our free phone number.

How much can I claim for a wrist injury?

The judicial college has released updated guideline amounts for injuries, specifically here for wrists, which are listed below. Please be aware that these amounts are subject to change in accordance with each individual circumstances. The full compensation amount will always take into account any other financial losses or impacts on your quality of life highlighted by your solicitor.

Severity Compensation
Very minor undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures and soft tissues injuries£2,810 to £3,790
An uncomplicated Colles' fractureIn the region of £5,920
Where recovery from fracture or soft tissue injury takes longer but is completeRarely exceed £8,160
Less severe injuries where these still result in some permanent disability£10,040 to £19,530
Injury resulting in significant permanent disability£19,530 to £31,220
Injuries resulting in complete loss of function in the wrist£37,960 to £47,720

Why chose Accident Line Direct?

We are a small, highly skilled and adaptive team who can tailor your needs to our professional services. We believe in the personal side of injury and understand that everyone is an individual requiring unique representation. Of course, there are people and services out there who will claim for the sake of claiming and you probably hear about them in the media –

Accident Line Direct is more than that. We believe in recovery, justice and a future for all out clients. If you have been involved in an accident and you have suffered because of it, please don’t ignore your rights. Claiming for compensation can help fund your rehabilitation or go so far as to financially support yourself and your family whilst you recover.

We offer an initial consultation on our free phone number, after which you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim. We can simply provide you with the relevant information on current law and help assist you in the claims process.

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No Win No Fee

Where possible the solicitors used by Accident Line Direct will use a No Win No Fee agreement so that there is a limited financial risk for you to start a claim. This is because we think that compensation should be accessible to everyone, indiscriminate of wealth.