Compensation claims for disfigurement

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By Crispin Bateman

on Monday 15 October 2018

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Suffering facial disfigurement is a very traumatic experience. Even minor scarring can have a significant effect on your emotional well-being and psychological health and that’s without considering the physical pain and suffering during the healing process.

If you have been the victim of facial disfigurement due to something that was not your fault, then you are likely to be entitled to compensation.

What are the causes of facial disfigurement that can lead to a compensation claim?

Car accident

Being involved in a major car incident that led to facial scarring is one of the more common situations that leads to compensation for disfigurement.

If you were a party in a road traffic accident that was not your fault, then we can help you make a substantial compensation claim against the other driver’s insurance.

Accident at work

While at work, your employer has a legal duty of care to ensure a safe environment. If there was a failure in their safety policy that led to you having an accident, then you are likely deserving of a financial award.

Incidents at work include:

  • Slips, trips and falls that lead to facial damage

  • Accidents involving chemicals that caused scarring

  • A failure to maintain the environment that led to a collapse of a wall or ceiling

  • Inadequate signage or regularly-maintained routes in the case of fire or other disaster

The Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for determining the regulations that must be followed to promote a safe workspace. A subset of HSE regulations for dealing with hazardous substances (COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) govern the directives for the handling, care and training in the use of any chemicals or substances that could lead to personal injury. If you believe that your employer broke any of these HSE or COSHH regulations, then you will want to initiate a compensation claim.

Accident in a public place

The owners of any public place have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their visitors and users. This can include the council, in the case of a road, park or other outdoor space, as well as the private business owners of clubs, gyms, cinemas etc.

If the relevant health and safety regulations have not been correctly followed – for example, if adequate signage is not in place to show a temporarily damaged part of the floor – and an accident occurred which led to scarring or any other facial disfigurement, then the business in question is liable for your compensation claim.


It is a sad fact that violent crime is on the rise. Police statistics show that sex and violent crime has doubled over the past three years (for the period to September 2017), and although thankfully the statistics for acid attack crimes released by London Metropolitan Police in the first half of this year show a decline in attacks, the numbers are still far too high to be comfortable.

Claiming compensation from an attacker in the case of facial disfigurement is possible. If the amount awarded is high and the criminal in question doesn’t have the funds to pay the entire amount then CICA, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency, exists to make sure the victim doesn’t lose out.

How much can a facial disfigurement compensation claim pay?

For all physical injury compensation claims, the court uses guidelines to determine the appropriate award value. For facial disfigurement and scarring, the guidelines differ for women than men, though the numbers of them are fairly similar:

Severity Compensation
Trivial Scarring£1,360 to £2,810
Less Significant Scarring£3,150 to £10,960
Significant Scarring£7,270 to £23,980
Less Severe Scarring£14,320 to £38,600
Very Severe Scarring£23,740 to £77,580

When calculating the value of your claim, the court will take everything they can into account. This includes:

  • The amount of physical pain and suffering you have gone through

  • Expected future physical pain

  • Any expected expenses due to a change of life

  • Compensation for emotional and psychological damage

  • Loss of earnings

  • Financial reimbursement for medical costs

  • Expenses related to the injury (travel to hospital visits etc.)

Will making a claim affect the business I am claiming against?

Despite their own problems, many people feel a sense of guilt when they consider making a compensation claim, especially if it is against a company they still work for, or one where they have many friends.

The truth is that business liability insurance is in place in the vast majority of businesses and any compensation award or legal fees that happen due to a compensation claim is all covered by that insurance.

In fact, the only financial damage you are likely to do to the company itself is raise the cost of their annual insurance premiums – a little like losing your no-claims bonus on your car insurance: annoying but not world-ending.

If you have suffered a traumatic experience with potential lifetime after-effects, then the compensation is your right – if it wasn’t then the court wouldn’t award it! Don’t live in suffering out of misplaced guilt or loyalty when it isn’t needed – make that claim and move on with a little financial recompense for the difficulties in your life.

How do I make a facial disfigurement claim?

If you believe you have a valid reason to make a compensation claim for scarring or facial disfigurement, then give Accident Line Direct a call today. We have expert solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims and are available to take on your case immediately.

At Accident Line Direct, we hold to the idea that no one should be denied top-class professional legal advice because they feel unable to afford it. Because of that, we work on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that there are no charges until your case is won. We take our fee as a small percentage of the final award and never at any other time – so if for some reason your case is unsuccessful, then you are not out of pocket in any way.

Of course, this means that when you win, so do we. Our team will do their utmost to maximise the value of your award, doing their best to get you the compensation you deserve.

Our entire team is made up of compassionate and driven individuals. Choosing to specialise in the often-emotional world of personal injury, we select only the most understanding people for our entire team, so you can rest assured that as soon as you pick up the phone to us, you will be treated in full confidentially by someone who genuinely cares.

If you would like to work with us, give Accident Line Direct a call today – or use our contact form to request a callback at a time that’s more convenient to you. Plus, if you know of anyone who is suffering in silence, please share this article with them so that they can become aware of the opportunities available to them – just click our share button to help your friends and colleagues on your social media.

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