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By Crispin Bateman

on Monday 15 October 2018

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Can I claim as on behalf of someone who suffered a ruptured spleen that led to death?

If you are the spouse or other dependant of someone who has died due to a spleen injury that was not their fault, then you can claim significant compensation for your loss.

Can I make a compensation claim for spleen cancer?

If you have contracted cancer of the spleen due to an environmental condition, such as hazardous substances at work (for example, benzene), that were not adequately protected against then you may be entitled to compensation.

Proving a link between any negligence and spleen cancer is difficult due to the number of natural factors that can trigger the condition. Please call us to discuss your case for further help and advice.

How quickly do I need to claim for compensation?

Injury compensation claims have a term limitation of three years from the initial diagnosis. In the case of a ruptured spleen, diagnosis will have been immediate, so it can be considered as three years from the incident.

If more than three years have passed since you suffered from the injury, it is unlikely that a valid claim can be brought, but please contact us at Accident Line Direct for further help and advice.

How much money can I be awarded for a ruptured spleen?

Guidelines exist to help the courts award the correct amount in compensation claims.

Everything related to your spleen injury will be considered, from the level of pain you have suffered to the long-term effect on your life. Minor-seeming details, such as expenses for travel to the doctor, can form part of your claim, so be sure to keep all paperwork, invoices and receipts relevant to the case.

For an understanding of the values paid out for spleen injury, please check this chart:

Severity Compensation
Where the above risks are not present or are minimal£3,470 to £6,890
Loss of spleen where there is continuing risk of internal infection and disorders due to the damage and the immune system£16,580 to £20,950

How can I make a claim?

Call Accident Line Direct today! We believe in the right for every person, no matter their financial situation, to be able to make a compensation claim with the aid of a top-quality professional legal team. To that end, we work on a No Win No Fee basis – there’s nothing for you to pay in advance, or during the case. We make our money through a small percentage commission of the final settlement, meaning we win if you win! There are no hidden costs or confusing small print, and if we fail to win the case for you then there will be nothing to pay.

No Win No Fee means we are as invested as you in the success of your spleen injury compensation claim and will work our hardest to get you the pay out that you deserve.

Be aware that making a compensation claim takes time – there’s no instant payment, but with us behind you, your patience will be worthwhile in the end.

Please give us a call today, or if you prefer, fill in our contact form to have one of our specialist advisors call you at a time that’s more convenient.

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What does the spleen do?

One of the little-known organs in the human body, the spleen is an important component to your immune system. It is a filter for blood – a place where old red blood cells are recycled, white blood cells are created and the blood cells and platelets are stored. The spleen helps fight bacteria that would otherwise cause conditions like meningitis and pneumonia.

Should the spleen need to be removed following an incident that was not your fault, you could very well be entitled to claim compensation for loss of spleen.

What is a spleen injury?

The vast majority of spleen injuries are due to a ruptured spleen, often caused by blunt abdominal trauma from car collision or another heavy-damage accident.

While it is certainly possible to suffer a ruptured spleen from penetrative damage, its position behind the rib cage in the upper far left of the abdomen means it is somewhat protected. Knife wounds, gun shots and other direct penetrations can cause significant spleen injury but are exceptionally rare and usually only related to a direct assault. A report from 2015 in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine details that only 3% of the ruptured spleen cases that formed the study were from penetrative trauma, with the remaining 97% due to blunt abdominal trauma.

Can you die from a ruptured spleen?

While the spleen is not an essential part of the body and it is possible to live without one, there is likely considerable internal bleeding as a consequence of any spleen rupture and that can eventually lead to death.

A ruptured spleen must be treated with emergency surgery and is the largest cause of internal bleeding from blunt trauma to the abdomen. Splenectomy (spleen removal) is seen as the required treatment for a ruptured spleen.

Where is spleen pain felt?

A fully ruptured spleen will cause intense pain in the upper left part of the abdomen.

Acute pain under the left shoulder is called Kehr’s Sign and indicates internal bleeding due to a ruptured spleen.

If there is any indication of a ruptured spleen, immediate medical attention is paramount.

What are the main causes of spleen injury?

The main cause of a spleen injury is a major physical collision. Blunt force trauma to the abdomen can rupture the spleen and cause spleen pain after a car accident, or other significant impact.

If you have been in a car accident due to another driver and subsequently had a spleen injury, you will be entitled to compensation.

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