Knee injury claims process

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Friday 14 September 2018

Injured Knee

Knee Injury Claims

Knees are crucial to mobility and the smooth function of the legs. An injury to your knee can be extremely painful, and can potentially be life changing.

Unfortunately, knee injuries are very common, particularly for people involved in road traffic accidents, accidents at work, or slip trips and falls.

If you have injured any part of your knee in the last 3 years, and someone else is to blame for your injury, you could be entitled to compensation.

Basis of a knee injury claim

There are many different ways in which you can injure your knee, such as:-

  • Road accidents

  • Bicycle accidents

  • Slip, trips and falls

  • Workplace accidents

  • Repetitive practices

  • Medical negligence

The above are the more common type of knee injury claims; however this type of injury can occur in many different circumstances.

Types of knee injury you can claim for

The knee is a complex joint, made up of bones, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and tendons. There are a variety of different types of knee injury, sustained by personal injury claimants.

Our Solicitors could help you to secure a compensation payment for the following injuries:

  • Knee strains

  • Knee sprains

  • Knee dislocations

  • Cruciate ligament damage/tears

  • ACL tears

  • Cartilage damage

  • Meniscus tears

  • Knee breaks and fractures

  • Knee cap (patella) injury

  • Repetitive strain injuries and overuse knee injuries

However, the above list is not exhaustive. Contact us to speak to one of our Personal Injury Solicitors, to find out if you have a claim for compensation.

What can I claim for?

A compensation claim payout is normally split into two categories, which are: general damages and special damages.

  • General damages: This includes pain, suffering and the effect of your injuries on your life. A knee injury can be very painful, and can impact your life drastically. The amount of compensation you could claim would depend on the severity of your injury, as well as the length of time that you were affected by your injury. Unfortunately, knee injuries can carry the potential risk of long term issues, such as arthritis. Some knee injuries can take months and potentially years of rehabilitation to strengthen and improve the knee joint, and in some cases people suffer long term mobility issues.
  • Special damages: This includes financial losses, such as lost earnings, medical costs, and travel expenses to medical appointments. Knee problems can seriously hinder your ability to work, particularly if you have a physical job. However even if you have a desk job, your ability to get to work will likely be affected, both cases resulting in lost income.

Knee injuries also normally require extensive medical treatment, which can be costly, including travelling to and from medical appointments. Your knee claim can include all financial losses, even the cost of knee support or mobility equipment to help your recovery. You may also be able to claim for projected losses that you are likely to incur, until you are fully recovered.

How much compensation can I receive for my knee injury claim?

The amount of compensation you could receive for your knee injury can depend on the severity of the injury, and the prognosis for your recovery. A more ‘simple’ knee injury may be awarded compensation of a few hundred pounds, whereas a more serious, permanent injury may achieve a compensation payment totaling several thousand pounds. Call us today for an estimate on the compensation you could get for your knee injury.

Severity Compensation
Moderate£10,960 to £20,880
Severe£20,880 to £76,690

Average knee injury compensation amounts

Settlement amounts are calculated on the individual merits of each case. However, the following amounts are a guide based on previous settlement amounts:

  • Minor knee injuries (such as twists, sprains and bruising), with relatively quick recovery times will warrant smaller compensation payouts. These range from about £1,000 to £4,750.
  • Knee injuries resulting in permanent ongoing minor symptoms, is in the range of £4,770 to £10,960.
  • Major injuries such as a dislocated knee would likely bring compensation of about £11,820 to £21,880.
  • Severe knee injuries such as: torn cartilage, fractured patella, severe tears to the cruciate or other injuries resulting in permanent limitations to the knee or knee replacement surgery, would likely result in a compensation payment in the range of £20,880 to £76,690.

Call us to speak to one of our expert Solicitors, who can advise you on what they would expect you to receive.

Proving my claim

To successfully claim compensation for your knee injury (that occurred within the last three years), you would need to prove that the injury was a direct result of negligence (or omission) by a third party (someone is to blame), and that they directly caused your knee injury.

The next step is to prove the person you believe to be at fault, was the cause of the accident or has been negligent, and is legally responsible. Our Solicitors are highly experienced in this type of claim, and will be able to explain the process fully, and make this as easy for you as possible.

Proving legal fault for your injury would depend on the circumstances of your accident, as there are different laws relating to different areas, such as an injury sustained in a road traffic accident or an injury sustained at work. It is therefore advisable that you contact a Solicitor who will be experienced in this type of claim, and will be able to achieve the most advantageous knee compensation settlement for you.

Do I have to pay anything?

No- our ‘No Win No Fee’ Solicitors can act for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is a legal funding arrangement meaning that your fees are only payable in the event of a successful personal injury claim.

The Solicitor is then entitled to a success fee out of your payment (usually 25%). So you can be safe in the knowledge that your claim will cost you nothing at the outset, there are no hidden costs, and you don’t have to pay legal costs if your claim is unsuccessful. Give us a call to discuss your claim for compensation today.

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