Minor Injury Compensation Amounts

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Tuesday 18 September 2018

minor injury

Minor Injury Claims

Many people suffer injuries and do nothing about them to claim compensation. In the UK, our culture has long directed us to be forgiving and uncomplaining if something happens to us that is another’s fault – and that’s great. It’s one of the cornerstones of being polite.

The problem is that taken too far you can easily become walked over. Where is the right line between British politeness and becoming downtrodden?

The fact is, if you have been hurt by another, or suffered an injury due to another’s lack of care or direct incompetence, then you deserve to be compensated.

Compensation means to have something awarded in recognition of loss. You cannot claim compensation for nothing - you have lost something. Is it really right that you should lose due to another’s negligence and then just walk away and say nothing of it? Of course not.

Especially if the injury is such that you can’t even walk away! Taken off in an ambulance, time away from work in pain, and nothing to even politely show remorse from the person to blame?

Don’t think that just because your injury was minor that it doesn’t deserve recompense! Minor injuries are still financially and emotionally damaging – compensation is not just for those who have lost a limb!

What Are Minor Injuries?

A minor injury is one where no serious harm was brought upon the victim. It includes:

  • Coming away from a car accident with cuts and bruises

  • A fall which didn’t result in a broken bone, but a sprain or strain

  • Suffering an accident at work that resulted in time off due to cuts, bruising or sprains

  • An incident which results in anxiety over a task, such as travelling or using a particular piece of equipment

It is easy to look at the list above and write them off as ‘nothing’, but being in pain is not nothing and something which is serious enough to cause time off work has an effect on your life.

How is Pain and Suffering Calculated?

Judging your pain and suffering against another’s is almost impossible. To a man who works at a desk, a sprained knee might be inconvenient but easily ignored, to one whose job involves carrying loads across uneven terrain, it’s just-cause for a week away from work.

Your pain and suffering, and the resulting disturbance on your life, are unique to you. However, the law requires a defined list in order to work well, and so the following chart detailing typical pain and suffering awards shows how much you can expect in compensation for minor injuries:

Severity Compensation
Injuries where there is a complete recovery within three months£1,090 to £1,950
Injuries where there is a complete recovery within 28 days£550 to £1,090
Injuries where there is a complete recovery within seven daysA few hundred to £550
short duration, where there is a complete recovery within three months, Cases where there is significant pain or multiple injuries albeit full recovery within three months may fall outside. Likewise cases involving, for example, travel anxiety (associated

The Costs Associated with Minor Injuries

A compensation claim takes into account all the associated costs that you have had to incur due to your injury. Outside of the loss of work, there is a substantial amount of additional expenses that come from being injured. These can include:

  • Damage to property as part of the incident - for example, damage to your car if a car accident, or phone broken in a fall.

  • Travel and related expenses – if you have had to pay for parking at a hospital or have been taking taxis due to an inability to drive.

  • Emotional trauma – if you need to see a counsellor or therapist as part of your treatment following the incident.

  • Private medical and alternative therapy expenses – if your treatment included a private treatment, such as massage or a visit to a chiropractor.

The Morality of a Compensation Claim for a Minor Injury

Many people worry about the morality of a compensation claim, especially when an injury seems minor. “I walked away fine,” they justify to themselves, “it could damage that business if I make a claim against them.”

They believe that they have a moral imperative to take on the responsibility of the injury, absolving the other party of any wrongdoing. How very British!

The truth is that if someone else is at fault, then they should be shouldering that responsibility. Your workplace, for example, has a legal duty of care to look after you and adhere to a high level of health and safety for you and your colleagues.

Importantly, it is very rarely the business themselves that pay in the case of a compensation claim – instead, these situations are covered by their insurance. The insurance company will pay all of the claim costs, and the worst that happens to the other party themselves is that their premiums may raise a little for the next year.

Are you really willing to suffer in silence to protect their insurance premiums?

By making a compensation claim, you will also raise awareness of the situation – especially if your injury was the result of an ongoing issue that needs looking at. Your claim could very well help others and prevent a second accident of this type – an accident that could have far more serious consequences.


  • You are legally entitled to be compensated for your injuries, emotional damage and property damage or loss.

  • Your claim may bring to light issues with working practices which ultimately prevent further incidents in the future.

  • Claims only financially affect insurance companies in any significant way.

  • If it wasn’t your fault, why are you shouldering all the responsibility?

Claiming for a Minor Injury

At Accident Line Direct we believe that everyone has the right to reasonable and adequate compensation when they have been wronged – no one should suffer financial difficulties from something that wasn’t their fault.

As one of the UK’s leading claims specialists, we operate on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning that if you do not win compensation in court, you will have nothing to pay. Our solicitors will assess your claim before it goes further and let you know whether it is likely to result in a pay out. Only then will they undertake the work on your behalf to claim the compensation you deserve.

No Win No Fee means all of the risk is undertaken by us – we will take a percentage of your final compensation award with no additional fees or surprises.

If you have suffered a minor injury, whether in a car accident, while at work or out enjoying the evening, give our advisors a call today and we will begin work in turning the unfortunate situation into a reasonable cash sum for you.

Additionally, as specialists in all level of accident compensation, if you need accident advice or if you believe your claim is greater than simply that of a minor injury, contact us today to have us help you further. Our accident advice helpline is available to assist you in making sure you receive a financial settlement for whatever incident has affected you.

Give Accident Line Direct a call today, or fill in our contact form to have one of our specialist advisors contact you at a convenient time.

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