Toes, the great the lesser and the painful.

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Wednesday 29 August 2018

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The hands and feet are funny appendages. Back when we were apes they were used to cling to tree branches and provide us with extra dexterity in the canopies. As we evolved, the great toe, which was once used like our thumbs, began to shorten and fuse into what we now call the big toe. Now our toes are used as flexible balancing additions to our feet, and although they may seem pretty useless compared to our fingers, they are essential for balancing and walking.

Injuring your toes with a sprain, fracture, break or even amputation can be extremely impactful on your life. If you injured your great toe or any other of your toes due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to compensation to help in your recovery.

Can you get compensation if you injure your toes?

Yes, you absolutely can claim compensation for a toe injury. In fact, the amount of compensation you can claim for a toe injury ranges from £7650 for a moderate toe injury, to £44,710 for amputation of toes.

A toe injury may seem minor but they help us balance and we use them consistently when we walk so a toe injury can be extremely painful. Many people often wonder whether they should go to hospital with a broken toe, NHS Direct offer some expert advice on symptoms and treatments that you can read here for immediate support. If you wish to seek further support such as financial compensation then Accident Line Direct can help.

How much can I claim for a toe injury?

For the universal figures take a look at the guideline amounts issued by the judicial college below;

Severity Compensation
ModerateUp to £7,650
Serious£7,650 to £10,960
Severe£10,960 to £16,800
Amputation of the Great ToeIn the region of £24,950
Amputation of All Toes£29,110 to £44,710

Type of toe injuries

With these types of claims we typically see injuries involving the toes such as sprained toes, broken toes, displaced toe fracture, broken greater toe and amputated toes. However, there are injuries that relate to more long term health issues that could be caused in your workplace. These types of injuries include mallet toes, claw toes, ingrown toes and fungal nail infections.  These type of toe injuries are still serious and could entitle you to compensation, especially if the health and safety measures in your workplace were not adequate enough.

Who can claim for a toe injury?

To qualify to make a toe injury compensation claim, you must first be able to provide evidence that your injury was the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Typically, in work, an employer is responsible for your wellbeing and must have appropriate health and safety measures in place to ensure this. If those health and safety measures are not adequate and caused you an accident then the employer has acted negligently and this is known as a breach in their duty of care to you.

Of course, this duty of care isn’t just limited to the workplace. Road traffic accidents, sporting injuries and slip, trips and falls in a public place can all be the result of someone else’s negligence. If you are unsure then Accident Line Direct advisors can have a quick listen to your case and tell you straight away whether you have the rights to claim or not, so a phone call is always worthwhile and recommended.

There are always some more complicated cases but in general, people who can claim compensation for a toe injury typically include;

  1. Road Traffic Accidents

Car and motorcycle accidents, as well as being a pedestrian in a collision can easily injury the toes

  1. Sporting injuries

Rugby, football, netball, horse-riding and contact sports can all invariably result in toe injuries

  1. Injuries in the work place

Falls from height, impact with machinery and falling objects can all result in painful toe injuries in the workplace

  1. Public places

Items misplaced or not maintained properly can result in accidents such a slip, trips and falls in a public place or venue, where the toes can be injured.

How to make a claim

The first thing you should be aware of is the time limits that the courts place on personal injury claims. Currently, claims must be made within three years of occurrence, or within three years of the symptoms becoming known. There are exceptions that involve children and vulnerable adults but it is important that you seek legal advice before the time limit applies.

Next, you will want to call Accident Line Direct and discuss the accident that happened to you. We will tell you whether you have a claim or not and be honest and upfront from the start. Our solicitors and advisors are well suited to personal injury claims and understand that each case involves a level of pain and suffering that cannot be compensated with money. However, we aim to win you financial support to help in your recovery and the get your life back to the way it was before the accident.

Once we have decided whether to pursue your claim we will assign you a solicitor with expertise and experience tailored to your specific case. The solicitor will need to provide evidence that someone acted negligently towards you and has negatively impacted your life. To help them do this, any evidence or costs that you have will be helpful in helping to win your case.

Evidence to support your case can include;

  • Eye witness accounts

  • Pictures or videos

  • Accident book input

  • Travel costs

  • Rehabilitation expenditure

  • Medical notes

At Accident Line Direct we will be able to offer No Win No Fee Agreements on most occasions so that the financial risk of pursuing compensation is eliminated for the claimant. As a company, ALD take the financial risk of pursuing your claim and will take a success fee when we win, currently caped at 25%.  If this is something you are interested in then please speak to one of our team. There is no cost to start your claim, the phone number is free to call and our consultations are obligation free.

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Accident Line Direct can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch today!