The danger of unmet NHS targets in Bristol

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Wednesday 31 January 2018

NHS Bristol

The NHS have tough targets but with rising care costs and patient numbers, standards are slipping. In 2016 over 2500 claims were made against the NHS for delays in treatment.

What could delays mean for you?

Delays in treatment could result in the following medical negligence examples;

  • Symptoms worsening
  • Illness spreading to other areas of the body
  • Illness progressing into terminal stage

Delayed treatment could also result in psychological and financial damage such as loss of earnings due to continued absence from work.

Medical negligence claims against the NHS are not uncommon with clinical negligence cases costing the NHS £1.6 billion last year alone. At Accident Line Direct, we have gathered key data for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust to see if they are meeting their targets.


University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust

Accident and Emergency

TARGET- 95% of patients to be treated, admitted or referred within the target times. This target is primarily four hours but increases to eight and twelve hours with the target remaining the same respectively.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust


Figure.1 shows A&E Information for March 2017

  • 4% of patients visiting all major A&E Departments spent less than the 4 hour target time. This means the target is still unmet at 95%
  • A very low number (24 patients in total) spent longer than 12 hours in A&E which is excellent in comparison to other hospitals.

Cancer waiting times

The target number of patients to be treated within the set date of referral or decision to treat varies accordingly. NHS targets for patients commencing treatment from decision to treat is 96%. For specific types of treatment such as radiotherapy the target is reduced slightly to 94%.

Cancer waiting times against NHS targets for April 2017 at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust (31 days)




Figure.2 shows cancer treatment times for April 2017.

  • Bristol is meeting the target for treatments that involve anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy
  • Overall treatments are experiencing delays longer than one month to begin since the decision to treat was made.

Cancer waiting times against NHS targets for April 2017 at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust (62 days)


Figure.3 shows cancer waiting times before treatment for April 2017.

  • When the waiting time increases to two months, unfortunately this NHS trust is falling short.
  • When the decision to treat for cancer was made by a national screening service in Bristol, only 67% of patients were treated on time.


TARGET – 95% of patients to commence treatment within 18 weeks of referral

The amount of patients (%) who were treated within 18 weeks of referral for April 2017 at University hospitals Bristol NHS Trust


Figure.4 The amount of patients being treated within 18 weeks of referral in April 2017.

  • The greatest number of patients experiencing delays in their treatment were those whose condition related to neurology.
  • General medicine treatments met and excelled beyond the target of 95% of patients to be treated within 18 weeks.


Accident Line Direct

Suing the NHS may seem daunting but experienced medical negligence solicitors can guide you through the process of how to sue a hospital. Clinical negligence law can be confusing but if you think your condition has worsened beyond a reasonable extent due to delays on the NHS then contact Accident Line Direct to discuss making a claim. There is no set guideline for delays in clinical negligence cases but if a solicitor can prove the following, then you will be entitled to compensation;

  • You were owed a duty of care from your healthcare provider
  • That duty of care was breached in an act of negligence
  • That negligence was a direct cause for your personal harm

Clinical negligence claims against the NHS are not uncommon, especially with the advance of No Win No Fee agreements, however, it’s important to understand what actually constitutes of medical negligence. Call us today and we will be happy to explain any queries you may have, obligation-free.  

Medical compensation can be complicated and there are several steps involved in receiving financial remuneration. At Accident Line Direct we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the clinical claims industry at our disposal.

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