How to win a negligence claim against Social Services

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By Oliviah Rix-Taylor

on Thursday 7 June 2018

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Suing social services may seem daunting but ALD is here to explain how it is done. 

Accident Line Direct know that behind every personal injury claim is a person and an individual experience. We listen to our clients and then help them build a case using industry skill and experience, but most importantly, using support and compassion.

Making a claim against social services is never going to be emotionally easy for the claimant but we are here to provide the information, advice, and support that will make your claim as quick and effective as possible.

For social services failures, Accident Line Direct can provide No Win No Fee agreements in most circumstances and will act on your behalf to direct a solicitor who has the relevant experience to build you a successful case.



You may have heard of the three-year time limit that applies to personal injury claims. For a negligence claim against social services, you should try to start your claim within three years of the personal harm occurring. However, the courts make exceptions in these such cases due to the nature of the harm that has taken place. The effects of the neglect or abuse that was suffered may not manifest till many years later.

There are also exceptions to time limits for children and vulnerable adults, or whether you were a child or a vulnerable adult at the time of the abuse or negligence. If you would like more information on the time limits that apply to you then our industry experts are available to speak to on our free phone number.


Once you have established that you are within the time frame to make a claim, a solicitor will start to help you build your case. They will need a full history of events from you, this can be upsetting and painful to recall and we can accommodate any counselor, therapist or friend you may wish to be present whilst you talk through your case with us. Accident Line Direct only need to know the facts and we will never go beyond what we need to know in your recount.

Your solicitor may then use medical records, police reports, and school reports to gather evidence of negligence from the local authority charged with your well-being and care. Your solicitor will need to provide evidence that you suffered personal harm and are deserving of compensation which is why we look into such things.

In determining your compensation amount, your solicitor will use any financial expenses you have already paid out – examples of this might be; the cost of taxi’s because you may have found public transport too distressing or the cost of any rehabilitation you undertook.

If your opponent accepts the case that has been built against them then negotiations on a compensation amount will be decided. If an amount cannot be agreed upon then the case will continue to court to be decided there. It is rare that a case will actually go to court and most personal injury claims are settled before ever reaching a courtroom.


You will receive your compensation award with our success fee deducted should your case be successful. In the event your case is unsuccessful you will not have to pay your solicitor any fees at all.

Once you have received your compensation amount from a successful claim you can begin your process of recovery and resume your life. We wish you all the best with your recovery in any circumstance and will give extensive professional support throughout the claims process.

Accident Line Direct believe in the human side of personal injury claims. We believe that people and organisations should accept responsibility for their actions. We believe that recovery is always the most important thing and we are here to help facilitate that.

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