Making a Negligence Claim Against Social Services

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By Grace Hickman

on Monday 19 February 2018

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Negligence Claims against Social Services

The fundamental aim of Social Services is to provide families or individuals with care and support, in terms of housing (including foster and children’s homes), medical care or education.

Many unfortunate situations occur where a child or adult may suffer neglect or abuse in one of these settings. This could have resulted from the Social Services failing to make sure that all steps were taken to avoid any situation like this from happening; thus providing you with insufficient care.

If a situation like this was to occur, then you would be able to claim for compensation against the Social Services for failing to look after you or your family, as it is their responsibility to do their utmost in making sure you are safe and content within your situation.

At Accident Line Direct, we can advise you on your case and put you in touch with a lawyer that has previously fought on behalf of both children and adults who have suffered from the failings of Social Services; this could include neglect or abuse from a family member or someone employed in the Local Authority. Once we have discussed your case, we can then help with making a negligence claim against Social Services.

The best way to make a claim against social servies for negligence is to speak to a solictor. They can help you understand the definition of duty of care when making a claim involving social services and will support you to win your case.

Examples of Social Services Negligence

Social Services should maintain a heightened awareness for any warning signs and situations of abuse and/or neglect, all of which could take place in a number of settings; the family home, schools and medical vicinities, etc. If they do not, then victims can make a negligence claim against Social Services.

A lot of negligence claims against Social Services have been submitted when it has been identified that they have failed to do one or all of the following:

  • Look after and supervise children in their care, be it in a foster home or children’s home, etc.
  • Notice any visible effects of abuse and neglect, such as their behaviour and any physical signs (marks, bruises, etc.).
  • Be available for children and listen to them if they talk about any abuse they have suffered.
  • Take the appropriate measures to deal with this.
  • Deal with any referrals made by health visitors, schools, medical professionals, or others appropriately and efficiently.

Cases of neglect and abuse could vary, and yours could be different to the ones suggested above. At Accident Line Direct, we can help advise you on your situation and direct you to a qualified solicitor who can assess your case and help identify whether the Local Authority did fail to provide you or your family with care and protection against things like this from happening. Contact us today for free advice and information on making a negligence claim against Social Services.

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Making a Negligence Claim against Social Services

People who were abused when they were a child, or are currently the parent or guardian of a child who has suffered abuse or neglect, could claim for compensation.

It is important to note that the person who was the abuser could be someone employed by Social Services, a parent, any other family member or a health visitor that they did not protect you from.

If evidence can be provided and this can be shown, you may be able to make a claim.


Funding a Negligence Claim against Social Services

Claims procedures can be costly, but at Accident Line Direct, our lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that they can guide you all the way through the process without costing you anything if your case was lost.

If, however, the solicitor won your case on your behalf and you received compensation, you would have to pay them a ‘success fee’ that will be taken out of your pay-out, meaning that you won’t be out of pocket either way.


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We remain sensitive to any claim situation and your welfare and happiness is our main priority. If you would like to start the process of your negligence claim against Social Services because you or a family member has been a victim of abuse, or you would just like more information, contact one of our experienced and friendly advisors today.

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Accident Line Direct can help you begin your potential claim, get in touch today!